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Your criminal attorney, Neal Kirkpatrick, has over 40 years of experience in the law. Neal Kirkpatrick is a Criminal Attorney in Tulsa, Ok. It is important that the Tulsa OK Criminal Attorney you choose to represent you be an attorney that is well versed in procedure, evidence, witness testimony, and the nuances of Oklahoma Criminal Law.

Neal Kirkpatrick is a Criminal Attorney of Tulsa Ok. He has the experience necessary to help you defend your rights in court.He served as a military lawyer on active duty and in the Air National Guard for more than 27 years.

As a respected client Neal Kirkpatrick will give his full and utmost attention to you. Every client is important to him. Neal Kirkpatrick is truly your best advocate when you find yourself in trouble with the law, and when you need help Neal Kirkpatrick is happy to assist you through our complicated criminal justice system.

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With over 39 years experience, Neal Kirkpatrick is an expert attorney, well versed in criminal trials and appeals in federal, military, state, and municiple courts.

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