Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney

Neal Kirkpatrick is an experienced Okalahoma State Criminal Defense Attorney. As a Okalahoma State Prosecutor for over 20 years, Mr. Neal Kirkpatrick has seen State Prosecutions from both sides of the law.

Neil Kirkpatrick can represent you as a Okalahoma State Criminal Defense Attorney and put his expertise to use protecting your rights and seeing to it that you get a fair judgement of your case. Neal Kirkpatrick is a Okalahoma State Criminal Defense Attorney of the highest integrity and character.

When you need a Okalahoma State Criminal Defense Attorney, call Neal Kirkpatrick. Remember that name Neal Kirkpatrick!

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Mr. Kirkpatrick Criminal Defense lawyer has prosecuted and defended practically every type of criminal case in the Tulsa metro area including Broken Arrow and surrounding areas. Click Here to view a full list of areas of practice. Neal Kirkpatrick is a Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney who can assist in your case. Call Today! 918-949-4060 Neal Kirkpatrick, Attorney at Law 2021 South Lewis Ave., Suite 335 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

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