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Neal Kirkpatrick is an experienced drug crimes attorney. Have you been charged with one of the following drug crimes in state or federal court?

      Manufacture of illegal substances
      Possession of drugs with the intent to distribute
      Possession of illegal substances
      Acquiring prescriptions by fraud
      Cultivation of Marijuana
      Manufacture of methamphetamine

Neal Kirkpatrick is your experienced drug crimes attorney. As a drug crimes attorney, he has developed an excellent reputation for successfully defending and representing drug crimes clients. Aggressive counsel is necessary in drug crimes cases. Even if you plan to plead guilty to drug crimes charges, you need an experienced drug crimes attorney to represent your interests in the process.

Some drug crimes are charged in state court and some drug crimes are charged in federal court. Mr. Kirkpatrick is an experienced drug crimes attorney in both jurisdictions. Which court has jurisdiction will depend on the facts of your case.

Our office will begin investigation of the facts of your drug crimes case and we will work diligently to find and proceed with the best possible drug crimes defense. Police procedures are of utmost importance in drug crime cases. Was the search warrant properly executed? Was the search legal? Was the defendant entrapped? All these questions must be handled by an experienced drug crimes attorney who can represent your best interests.

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Mr. Kirkpatrick, a criminal defense attorney, can assist with Tulsa Drug Charges also.


With over 39 years experience, Neal Kirkpatrick is an expert attorney, well versed in criminal trials and appeals in federal, military, state, and municiple courts.

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